Contract Slitting & Bag Making

Recovery of badly damaged reels, crushed cores etc.
Flexible films and laminate technology.
PCJ Packaging LTD has its main warehouse and conversion facility in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.
The company was established to provide a uniquely comprehensive range of flexible film products from one source.
With its in-house manufacturing base, PCJ Packaging Ltd is able to offer the most up-to-date materials, supplying a broad range of packaging solutions.

Highly Competitive Rates

PCJ Packaging LTD Suppliers have BRC/IOP accreditation, and supply flexible packaging destined for major retailers including -
Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Waitrose and ASDA
A close association with manufacturing partners enables PCJ Packaging Ltd to offer the most advanced technology available for the supply of flexible films, including co-extruded, laminated and coated film products, tailor made to meet specific industrial requirements. With nationwide distribution and a comprehensive range of stock materials and specifications, customer service is a major priority for us all.
PCJ Packaging LTD is constantly developing business with new and established clients, creating a competitive edge for the customer with quality engineered products and new, innovative products including recycle options.
For more information please contact Paul Skinner or Gavin White. tel: 01934 414125 or email:paul(at)